Saturday, June 2, 2012


(A piece that can be best delivered by a teenager. A story of a young bad girl who is blaming her parents for not receiving love, care and guidance from them.)

Hey! Every Body seems to be staring at me.. You! You! All of you! How dare you to stare at me? Why? Is it because I’m a bad girl? A bad girl I am, A good for nothing teenager, a problem child? That’s what you call me! I smoke. I drink. I gamble at my young tender age. I lie. I cheat, and I could even kill, if I have too.

Yes, I’m a bad girl, but where are my parents? You! You! You are my good parents? My good elder brother & sister in this society where I live?

Look…look at me…What have you done to me? You have pampered and spoiled me, neglected me when I needed you most! In trusted me to a yaya, whose intelligent was much lower than mine! While you go about your parties, your meetings and gambling sessions…

Thus… I drifted away from you! Longing for a fathers love, yearning for a mothers care!

As I grow up, everything change! You too have change! You spent more time in your pokers, mah-jong tables, bars and night clubs. You even landed on the headline of the newspaper as crook, peddlers and racketeers.

Now, you call my name; accuse me in everything I do to myself? Tell me! How good you are? If you really wish to ensure my future. Then hurry….hurry back home! Where I await you, because I need you… Protect me from all evil influences that will threaten at my very own understanding…

But if I am bad, really bad…then, you’ve got to help me! Help me! Oh please…Help me!


  1. I think the girl became a bad girl because of the bad things she have done in her life. Maybe in that time that her parents in-trusted her to her yaya, the girl thinks that she was very alone because her parents always busy and no time to care for the girl.

  2. The bad girls i thing she do it because she want tender loving care. From his. Family , that have no -time for him that all ready do play in the casino or. Busy in work. .""....everyone want live with thier family

  3. I’m sad that even if you’re rich. You are not contented in your life, the love and care that you needed to your family are very hard to achieve.

  4. although the bad girl is rich she could no longer be acceptable in love with her ​​parents because they are busy with their lives? No!! because all the people in all world must be need a love and tender care to they family :)for what?? For the teenager that headlong!!!

  5. even a person was very bad they need a care from his/her family.if you love your family, accept who and what they are.:>

  6. ammmfff..I think the girl became a bad girl because their family or parents is so busy,so she grew with no discipline..And maybe the girl has a friends who has a evil influences to the girl..

  7. I'm impress to the girl, even her parents doesn't give her time and love, she give them another chance to become a true parent to her,

  8. Even if you are poor or you've been in a simple family ,but your parents are there for you , you will be mold in a complete discipline, because a daughter or son needs love, care and concern. Money has less value than this things. That's the thing happened to this girl...I love to be a declaimer in the middle of the crowd by using in this piece.

  9. Please update this blog entry.. Review and revise the grammar, punctuation and tenses. Reassess the ellipsis added and decide if they're necessary. -This comment only means to improve and help. :)