Saturday, June 2, 2012

About my Blog

Filipinos are good in delivering speeches such as declamation, oration, and even choral recitation and jazz chants. Delivering those speeches are already their talents, hobbies and skills.

Students are also needed to be taught and be trained by their teachers on how to declaim, orate, do the choral recitation and jazz chants properly. Sometimes, a chosen piece will be given to the students for them to memorize and deliver it  in front of the class.

This blog will give you the different copies of declamation, oration, speech choir and jazz chants pieces that I have collected. It is very useful to all students who are assigned by their teachers to look for a piece to be performed in the class. It is also also useful to the teachers looking for the best piece to be given to their students. Parents can also view here the best piece that they think suited for their child who joins in different declamation, oration contests, etc. 

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